girl holding a goat and smiling


April Impact Story

girl holding a goat and smiling

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Before Heifer, Sharada Devi and her husband Gulma Sada were struggling. Sharada was earning a pittance laboring on someone else’s farm. Gulma was forced to travel more than 800 miles to find work. Even with two incomes, they were barely staying afloat. When Heifer came to her community, Sharada saw a chance for change. Thanks to the training she received, her goat herd grew, and it wasn’t too long before her goats were bringing in enough income to allow Gulma to quit his job and be reunited with his family. Take a look into what their life is like now.

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Having both received gender equity training, Sharada and Gulma now share the load of running the farm and caring for the family. “When I am cooking, I ask him to feed and water the goats sometimes,” she said.

In the photos below you can see Sharada and Gulma feeding their goat's fodder, nutritious food that Sharada learned to grow during her training. You can also see the bamboo pen that she learned how to construct; it is high off the ground to keep her animals safe.

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Lots of goats lead to lots of happy smiles! Gulma, his son Sunil, and his daughter Nirmal proudly hold four of their family’s goats. Sharada hopes the growing herd will reach 150 someday.

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Before my focus was only on boys. Now, if I buy a goat for my boy, I buy a goat for my daughter also. I send both my sons and daughters to school. 
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Everyone pitches in to get things done; Dairani helps her father tend their vegetable patch, pumps water with her younger sister, Nirmal, and cooks in their kitchen.

With the family’s most basic needs met, Sharada Devi has begun to make plans for the future. She hopes to buy land and build a better house with space for more goats. Thanks to Heifer, and thanks to you, Sharada is earning ten times as much money as before and is able to nurture bigger dreams. 

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Thank You

Your generous support is making a profound difference in the lives of women like Sharada Devi all over the world.