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Become a part of the grand mission of ending hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.

Not sure where to start?  We can help you find a way to get connected, learn more about how you can make a difference, and see the fruits of your labor make a real impact on the world.



Whether large or small, we can all make an impact through donations.

Learn more about Give.
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See all the ways you can give to help communities in need.

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Learn more about Donate Monthly.
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Donate Monthly

Join Friends of Heifer, a group of passionate donors determined to make a difference.

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Learn more about Gift Catalog.
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Gift Catalog

Our Gift Catalog gives you the power to choose how to change the life of a family in need.

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Learn more about Donate in Honor.
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Donate in Honor

Your gift will inspire change, create opportunity and provide hope for those in need.

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Other ways you can give

Learn more about Charitable Planning & Giving Strategies.

Charitable Planning & Giving Strategies

As we near the end of the year, we are sharing a series of informative videos to offer advice about charitable planning and giving strategies.

Learn more about Stocks & Securities.
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Stocks & Securities

By sharing your shares with others, you are helping establish a cycle of change for communities around the world.

Learn more about Employer Matching Gifts.
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Employer Matching Gifts

Find out if your employer is one of the thousands of corporations that match donations to Heifer through employer matching gifts.

Learn more about Digital Currency.
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Digital Currency

Choose the cryptocurrency you want and create change with an easy and secure transaction.

Get involved

Become a force for good by giving your time, talent and passions.

Learn more about Faith Communities.
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Faith Communities

Heifer’s faith programs allow your congregation to demonstrate your commitment to doing good while raising funds to help end hunger and poverty.

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Learn more about School Programs.
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School Programs

Heifer offers free educational and fundraising programs that allow students in your classroom to learn about the world around them while helping others.

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Learn more about Volunteer.
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Explore our many volunteer opportunities and become part of our global mission.

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Other Ways To Get Involved

Help our mission to end hunger and poverty by fundraising, volunteering or teaching others about Heifer’s work.

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Visit us in Arkansas

Become a part of the experience by becoming immersed in a hands-on, global education facility featuring our Village and Urban Farm.

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Learn more about Programs at Heifer Village.
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Programs at Heifer Village

Children sitting in a circle listening to a program indoors at Heifer Village.

Learn more about Heifer Campus Rentals.
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Heifer Campus Rentals

The Heifer International Campus in downtown Little Rock offers unique rental spaces perfect for meetings, events or weddings.

Learn more about Shop@Heifer.
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Find fair-trade and local gifts that support artisans around the world

Partner with us

Becoming a Partner Yields Global Results

Our partnerships with governments, corporations, private organizations, nonprofit coalitions, small businesses and other networks enable us to find effective solutions with substantial impact.

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Other ways to have an impact

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Receive the latest stories, match offers, and updates from Heifer. We’ll empower you with information and opportunities to be able to make a difference.

Want to learn more about our work?

Our partnerships with governments, corporations, private organizations, nonprofit coalitions, small businesses and other networks enable us to find effective solutions with substantial impact.

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