Fill the Ark is a four-week family devotional with a focus on gratitude for our blessings and a generous spirit of giving to our neighbors in need. Each week shares a scripture as the focus for reflection and study. Each day includes information about Heifer’s work, animal gifts, resources and approach. Daily giving challenges bring parents, siblings, grandparents or other family members together to appreciate their abundance and collect change to help struggling families.


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Fill the Ark Resources

Individual Fill the Ark calendars can be ordered by families or congregations can order them in 25-packs.

Read more about the Fill the Ark Family Devotional resource.

Each day of this four-week calendar includes information about our work to end hunger and poverty in communities around the world.

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Read more about the Family Devotional Congregation 25-Pack resource.

Congregations that want to use this resource as a family ministry program can order the Fill the Ark Family Devotional in packages of 25.

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